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Review: Del Paxton – All Day, Every Day, All Night.

Del Paxton release their new album this week, All Day, Every Day, All Night through Topshelf Records. The band’s debut album, Del Paxton bring together tracks made between 2013-2015 which certainly bring their influences together raging from Polar Bear Club and Fire When Ready. You can hear latest single Wrong Distance now on Spotify.

The Math Rock influences are abundantly clear from the start of the record with those guitars just unleashing bouncing but spinning melodies that the best Math Rockers do so well, and Del Paxton are one of the best, combining those guitars with energetic drum work that makes this record such a fantastic listen, Wrong Distance is a good example of getting everything in this style, just right.

The lyricism is strong on this record with solid hooks throughout this album that make for an awesome listen tracks such as Take It To The Limit and Sixes And Sevens certainly make this clear with infectious choruses throughout this record. Not that this band can’t slow down the pace, tracks such as Coast To Coast AM and Thermos really illustrate this band can slow down the tempo and entwine glorious melodies with a vocal that expresses incredible emotion.

Del Paxton return with a great album which displays everything that this band do best throughout, Math Rock guitar melodies that twirl throughout this record and vocals that really deliver that emotion – the raw production giving this album a sound that works with the band, particularly on tracks such as In The Well. There are many highlights on this album, the ones that stand out to me are Wrong Distance, Thermos and Green House. An album that is going to sound great live, this band makes Math Rock with bounce, making for a great listen.



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