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Review: Sad Vegan – Another Life, Another Day.

Another Life  Another Day Album Artwork 3Californian Pop Punk quintet Sad Vegan release their EP this week, Another Life, Another Day. The band who bring their creativity to the genre release the EP through Bandcamp, where you can now listen to one of the highlights of this record Palm Trees now.

Blanton’s vocals are incredible on this record, her tone is amazing, with a soft vocal that may seem to contradict the pop punk sound, but works on this record with ease, particularly on tracks such as Little Bird. The combination of male and female vocals is excellent on the EP, particularly on Idlebridge and New Years, No Fears.

This band really have some great melodies. The energetic One Step is definitely one of my new favourite songs with great guitar melodies and an awesome bounce that works on this track, this is also the case on Talk Sick, Toxic, with a great guitar riff and drum beat that brings this track to life – and this continues throughout this record, songs such as New Years, No Fears also show what this do best melody wise.

Another Life, Another Day is a great debut EP that I am going to definitely listen to again and again, these tracks are worthy of just being stuck on repeat for a long time. A blending of vocals that deliver huge choruses that harmonise with energetic melodies that shouldn’t be possible on a first record to be this good. Highlights for me on this record are Talk Sick, Toxic and Little Bird.



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