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Review: My Education – Schiphol.

my education release their new album this Friday, Schiphol. A band with vast experience of touring and creating records that are hard to forget, my education hope to continue this on their latest album. You can see the video for Class A, the band’s first single from the record now through YouTube here.

Schiphol really displays how adventurous this band are when it comes to making music, with the building of tremendous sounds throughout this record combining guitar, viola and synth on tracks such as Open Marriages that create a breath taking crescendo that is worth a listen on this album alone, but continues throughout the album.

This band go heavy in places and dramatic in others. Tracks such as Coordinates bring a dark mood to the record with darker tones to the album that gives this an album an intensity that broods. Guitars build these songs up with real power, whereas dramatic sounds build on songs such as Krampus and Class A where the band border on creating Classical pieces with a modern twist, combining strings with electric sounds that blend together incredibly well.

Auditory intriguing, my education make an album that is as interesting and it’s conflicting with a plethora of sounds next to one another that make this record an explosion of sound. The band explore music with enthusiasm throughout this whole album. The band’s use of strings on this album is brilliant to the end, and it’s not surprising their music has been used by dancers as these pieces have real emotion that no words can express, just listen to Grey An – one of my highlights, along with Krampus and Open Marriages.



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