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Review: Other Half, Lomelda and Pinegrove – Epic Studios, Norwich 28/02/2017.

pinegrovePinegrove came to Norwich last night, with support from Lomelda and local support from Other Half. The tour in support of Cardinal, the band’s excellent new album is well worth giving  a listen, and live so much more so going by last night’s show.

Other Half were a great opener for the show, though they had some technical issues and some levels of awkwardness, this band have some great songs with strong vocals and gritty riffs that really work for this band. You can find out more about the band here, and you definitely should.

Lomelda’s vocals are incredible to listening to, and remind me of Joan Baez and Kate Bush at the same time, if that’s possible. With perfectly timed high notes that work with the guitar melodies that she creates, it makes for some great easy listening and a real intensity – you have to be there to explain the mood she creates, it’s almost transfixing.

Pinegrove as a headliner and as handlers of hecklers are superb. This set could have gone on until tomorrow, play their whole discography if they wanted, as this band live put on a great show, no matter how awkward it can be (and to be able to encorporate tracks that fans love into the set is also a great thing, The Metronome was well worth hearing live and a fan request). This band live sound as good as they do on record, with Cadmium, Old Friends and Aphasia highlights in this set, this band work together in a way few bands do.

Pinegrove have a great repertoire and these shows show that, with an incredible set that needs to be heard, and with support from Lomelda, it’s a versatile tour that balances out really well. Pinegrove and Lomelda continue their tour to Leeds and Brighton and then heads into Mainland Europe, go see them, it will be well worth it.



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