Review: Sertraline – Guilty EP.

Melodic Metallers Sertraline self release their EP this week, Guilty. Made up five huge tracks, Guilty is the band’s second EP and with a refreshed line up this band are ready to return and are soon to be back on the road. You can listen to new track from Guilty, Change Of Heart here.

Sertraline do know what they are doing with melodies and it shows on this record, as this band bring a strong foundation of drum beats which combined with the guitars create a huge track, songs such as Nyeevise is a great example of where these are accentuated perfectly and combined with Lizzie’s vocals this band make a powerful track.

Vocally powerful throughout, Lizzie’s voice powers through these tracks with a raw lyricism that delivers on every song. Soaring vocals open this EP on Guilty, really making that vocal work in harmony with those guitars, in particular the screaming moments which combined with the female vocals aren’t used often, but are used incredibly well on this record.

Guilty is a strong EP, this band creating something here that makes it clear what this band can do, with vocalists that work well together and guitarists that bring the energy throughout this record. Sertraline certainly follow up their acclaimed first EP Bury Your Ghosts. Highlights for me on Guilty are Change Of Heart and opening track Guilty – this band make it clear from the start what this band is capable of, I look forward to hearing more.



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