Review: Valensole – Where We Should Be.

Valensole release their new EP today, Where We Should Be. The debut record from this bunch of Brit Punks, Valensole deliver some huge tracks on this record including title track Where We Should Be which you can listen to now through YouTube here.

This band may do it themselves making records, but this certainly not a bad thing on this EP, as this band bring frantic guitars and drum beats that give these tracks a blast of energy that live is going to make for an incredible sound. This is clear from the beginning as the band unleash Staple Waster on to your eardrums.

A raw vocal punches through this record, tearing through the melodies on this EP, tracks such as Believe really exemplify that with lyrics that are gritty, vitriolic and make for a great listen. This combined with the melodies this band are creating make for some awesome listening. Title track Where We Should Be brings the best of what this band can do together perfectly – this band keep it simple, but this EP is incredibly effective.

Valensole make a great debut packed with energy and a raw attitude which is well worth a listen if punk if your thing. This band demand to be heard and you should just give in right now. Highlights for me on this EP are Where We Should Be and Don’t Follow Me, but listen to the whole record, you will not regret it at all.



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