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Review: MYA Project – MK.

MYA Project recently released her new album MK through Milky Bomb Records. Inspired by a range of genres from world music, pop and rock, MYA creates a distinctive sound on this new record and you can hear a taste of that sound now, you can hear It’s All About Imagination here.

From the beginning of the record, MYA gets started on creating tracks with huge beats that create a rich, dark tone that works with the synth sounds that are entwined with the beats to perfection – particularly on tracks such as It’s All About Imagination.

The vocals work well with the melodies and harmonise with the music incredibly naturally and discuss important issues, the politics of tracks such as Freedom, a collaboration with Beyonder certainly explore current affairs with a huge hook that works on this track well. Beats are really what the MYA Project perfect on this record, and this song is no exception, with a great groove throughout this track.

The world music influences on tracks such as Glassword are apparent, and really blend smoothly with the gentle vocals of Mya, making for an interesting combination and on final track Pain this continues with an eastern feel to these tracks, however they are delivered with dark moods and modern synth twists to give these tracks an energy that really work throughout this record, this album gels so easily from start to finish.

MK is a unique record that seamlessly flows bringing the many influences of the MYA Project together in one record and does it incredibly well, with captivating vocals and rhythms that need to be heard. Dalila Mya’s background in Sound Engineering is certainly extremely clear on this album, produced to make sure you hear every sound to its best.

Highlights for me are Consequences Of Love and It’s All About Imagination.







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