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Review: Can’t Swim – Fail You Again.

Image result for can't swim album artThis week Can’t Swim release their anticipated debut Album Fail You Again through Pure Noise Records. Can’t Swim are a great band live wth a debut EP that is incredible. Recently on tour with Boston Manor and soon be supporting Real Friends in the UK in April, Can’t Swim are an unstoppable force right now.

This band have some huge tunes on this album throughout, tracks such as Stranger and What’s Your Big Idea have choruses made to be stuck in your head with infectious hooks that live are going to sound incredible. Not that this album is all hook, this band have a raw power to their songwriting and that shows on every track, which is certainly driven home by the powerful vocals of LoP0rto throughout.

Can’t Swim’s way with melodies on this album is as brilliant as it is on Death Deserves A Name with a little refinement that sees them making clear what this band do incredibly well, incredible riffs and precise drum work that just blends perfectly with the sound. Things can be subtle to be great and on tracks such as Quitting this is the case, with a rhythm section that just works together in harmony – this subtlety is lost on Hey Amy though, where the drums bring the song to life in glorious fashion.

The debut album you wish you could make, Fail You Again is brilliant from start to finish, making it clear this is a band still refining it’s sound but making something that needs to be heard. LoPorto writes lyrics that take aim at everyone, but especially himself on this record and the band backs him up in every way. Highlights for me on this album are Stranger, What’s Your Big Idea and closing track All The Moves We Make In The Dark – you can hear the full album now here, and you must, you really must.




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