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Review: Taco Hell – Retainer EP.

Taco Hell release their new EP this week, Retainer via Circle House Records. The band who follow up from Breathe Deeply, their first EP, (which was on my list of EP’s you needed to hear last year) continue to define their sound across these six tracks. You can hear Baby Teeth through Taco Hell’s Bandcamp here.

Crammed with energy from the start, this band have some great punk riffs on their 25 second opening track My Mother Wouldn’t Approve and then bring the Emo sensibilities on tracks such as Palaeontology (Happy Birthday David Schwimmer) the pace slowing down quickly but brilliantly on ths track, with a dreamy emo tone to the song that works with Parkinson’s vocals.

This band do have some great vocalists and the female vocals of Parkinson on Palaeontology are excellent and combined with Booker’s male ones on tracks such as Hold The Door, vocally this EP is brilliant. This standard continues throughout this record, the writing just as good. Tracks such as Baby Teeth are massively infectious and one of my new favourite songs, the band delivering huge melodies with a track that deserves to be stuck in your head.

A band that continues to make great things, Taco Hell continue to refine and find their sound, creating a darker emo tone on this record, in a light-hearted way, who knew that was possible? Yet this band do it. Highlights for me are Palaeontology (Happy Birthday David Schwimmer) and closing track Cheesy Chips which is probably my description above in a song.



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