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Review: The Wintyr – Fury.

wintyrThe Wintyr release their album tomorrow, Fury. A band who fuse different genres from Folk to Electronica, The Wintyr certainly create their own unique sound on this their debut album. You can hear a taste of what this band can create, by giving a listen to lead single This Water through YouTube here.

The melodies throughout Fury are what this band do best, lifting the vocals with ease as they harmonise with them from the start of this record. Sweeping synth melodies and drum beats adds to the ethereal tone on this record throughout, with some great beats for added measure. So Long is a good example of this with a huge beat but swirling vocals that add to that spaced out vibe.

The vocals float along with these melodies but can deliver with real power when they need to, this shows throughout this record. Tracks such as Followers truly show this, as Hart’s vocals are put on display perfectly and really reflect those folk influences on the album. The lyricism is just as good, yes, there are some huge choruses, but there is a real emotion on this album that is delivered in the vocal, tracks such as Rise are perfect examples of this.

Fury delivers on every song. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the blend of Folk and Electronica, but it wasn’t this and that’s a good thing, this band creating some cool grooves and using those vocals throughout this record with a real sophistication, making it for one my new favourite listens. Highlights for me on this album are Dark Hill, Followers and Waking Hours opens this record with rare and real brilliance. A worthy debut from this band who make a record that if you like Folk, you should definitely give a listen to.



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