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Review: Pamela Hute – Highline.

pochette_cartonPamela Hute recently released her new album, Highline through her own record label, My Dear Recordings. The follow up to her last record Today, Hute writes, plays and produces all her own music. You can give a listen to Banshees, one of the highlights through My Dear Recordings here.

An emphatic way with melodies, Hute makes some great Indie Pop on this record, with cool beats and fun melodies bursting through these songs that make for a fun listen. Tracks such as I Know certainly back up this point on this record with a great pop vibe with synth melodies that make it one of my new favourite songs.

Hute’s vocals are great too, with a cool tone and a delivery that works with the melodies on Highline that makes for such a good match on this record. Nothing To See in particular really displays the strength of the vocals and the melody really harmonises with her voice so well, with perfectly timed high notes to boot that work so well on this track. And with such big choruses throughout this record, Hute has a lot of great things to deliver on Highline.

Highline once again shows the talent that Hute has, with brilliant choruses combined with a raw emotion that Hute delivers with real brilliance, brought together with Pop sensibilities that work throughout her record and it makes for a great album from start to finish. Highlights for me on this record are I Know, Banshees and Run Through The Storm, which slows down the pace and wraps up the album perfectly, particularly highlighting the strength’s of Hute’s vocals on this album.




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