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New Videos Out This Week!

This week just a few tracks that stood out to me, including Miss Vincent and Super American.

  1. Miss Vincent – The Lovers – Miss Vincent return with a new track, The Lovers which is from their forthcoming EP, Somewhere Else. A huge tune that live on their short tour in April is going to sound great, Miss Vincent return with a huge promise.
  2. Josh Wheatley  – Runaway – An incredible song from a young talent, Wheatley certain brings emotion to this track and first single that was released on the 6th March. An anthemic Indie Pop tune, Wheatley deserves to bless your ears with this song.
  3. David Mark Bulley – Where Do We Go From Here – A talented singer/songwriter, Bulley delivers on this track and combined with the action packed music video, it’s a track that becomes difficult to ignore and well worth a listen.
  4. Super American – Congratulations –  Super American release new single Congratulations from their upcoming album Disposable and with an interesting video too, in collaboration with Substream Magazine. A polished tune that the band have taken time to perfect, it’s a new favourite song.



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