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Review: Sorority Noise – You’re Not As ____ As You Think.

You’re Not As ___ As You Think, is the new record from Sorority Noise which this week is released through Triple Crown Records. Following up from It Kindly Stopped For Me, Sorority Noise have already released tracks from the new album, including opening track No Halo, and if that’s anything to go by, this will be good.

A band who have progressed with their sound on this record but still kept that root of what this band do, Sorority Noise certainly follow up Joy, Departed in style. Huge drum beats and rough riffs crash into the start of this record with brilliance particularly on tracks such as A Portrait Of, where this band begin bringing the energy on this record.

Not that this band can’t slow down the pace. The themes of It Kindly Stopped For Me continue on this album, the impact of loss is still fresh on the album on tracks particularly on tracks such as First Letter From St Sean. The impact of grief on this album is huge and the challenges of dealing with it is the core of this album, this record is musical catharsis it seems for Boucher and lyrically it is incredibly powerful and relatable, this particularly shows on tracks such as Disappeared.

Sorority Noise continue making records that are the finest kind of Emo today, but deliver it in an oddly optimistic way, this seems clear from Boucher’s own words “Things are going to be tough, but it’s going to be fine in the end” which is pretty much this album summed up in a quote. This band deliver an album exploding with sound and sadness and it’s done just so incredibly well. Sometimes the emotion can be overwhelming, but overall this is an album you need to hear. Highlights for me are Car, Better Sun and A Portrait Of.





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