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Review: Secret Space – The Window Room Part 2: Lost in a Dream.

Secret Space release this week their stripped back version of their debut album, The Window Room. The band who have been releasing videos of fan requested tracks, Secret Space share this new offering that includes B-sides, covers and few other surprises. You can see a cover of Butterfly by Weezer from the band through YouTube here.

Tartaglia’s vocals on this record certainly shine throughout it, with soft tones on songs such as I’ve Come Around that match with the subtle piano work with real ease and that seamlessness continues on this album with Cast Iron with  gentle acoustic melodies that work with an almost dark but smooth voice on this track with real brilliance.

The writing is poetic on this record and has a real simplicity to it, but working with the melodies this works throughout The Window Room, tracks such as Suffer In really focus on the sound the band create rather than words and it is a highlight of the record, with moody beats and creative sounds that weave together. The lyricism is personal and certainly taken from life and this makes for a consistent record that makes for a great listen.

The Window Room Part 2: Lost In A Dream does sound great together, flowing from one track to the next with real ease, their experience shows on this record as the band create something great and a worthy part two to the album they created. Highlights for me on this record are Suffer In, I’ve Come Around and the cover of Butterfly sounds good on this album, working with the rest of the album perfectly.



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