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Review: Lower Still – Those Who Dream.

coverLos Angeles band, Lower Still released their new album recently, Those Who Dream. The brainchild of Eric Masterson that has grown into a five piece band this record follows up from the EP, The Winter Has Changed Me. You can listen to the full album from the band now through YouTube here.

A band with a way of creating subtle melodies, Lower Still from the beginning of the record weave intricate sound and subtle melodies on this album with real talent. Brilliant use of guitar as a foundation for fantastic melodies from start to finish that keep getting better and better, Lower Still certainly know what they are trying to create on this record, making songs such as Awake Oh Love stand out.

The vocals really convey the emotion of the lyrics throughout this record, title track Those Who Dream with Masterson’s voice are delivered with a soft but powerful sound and the combination of male and female vocals on the album builds on this. Tracks such as Ember where the vocals of Bonette’s really blend perfectly stand out, supporting the lead vocals with a lush tone that just works so naturally – this is also the case on Awake Oh Love, a track that is an easy stand out on this album.

Those Who Dream is a well rounded album that uses the whole band to create some beautiful songs, with great use of guitars and synth to create some lovely melodies that the vocals harmonise with well, creating a mood that makes this album such a great listen. Highlights are sprinkled throughout this record, Patterns, Awake Oh Love and title track Those Who Dream stand out to me on this record as they display just what this band can do.




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