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Review: The Cliftons – Scarlett EP.

The Cliftons follow up their self titled EP with their new record, Scarlett. Hailing from Scotland, the band create some great Indie Rock taking their inspiration from bands such as Catfish & The Bottlemen and Arctic Monkeys. You can give a listen to title track Scarlett now here.

Listening to this certainly shows where this band have grown over the last year, with more intricate riffs on tracks such as Gasoline where the band bring an energy to the record, however they also prove here on this record they can take down the pace. Demons slows the record down with a good focus on melodies and partnered with the strength of the vocals is a highlight of Scarlett.

Scarlett though is a huge track on this record, where the band do sound at their best with a cool bounce to the track that works with ease here. This band do bring some huge choruses to the second half of their EP, with Scarlett and FFTV certainly having hooks that are just designed to get stuck in your head, and live these tracks are going to be a great listen.

A band still making it clear they have potential, The Cliftons show on their new record what they want to create and they do it extremely well with frantic riffs and strong writing that you should definitely give a listen. Sure it needs a little refining, but this band are getting better and better. Highlights for me are Scarlett and Demons, tracks where this band truly show what they can do.


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