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Review: Lonely The Brave – Diamond Days EP.

Lonely The Brave release their new EP this week through Hassle Records, Diamond Days. Currently on tour with Mallory Knox and Fatherson the band created an amazing debut record and this follows up that record incredibly well. You can listen to Collider now, one of the highlights of the EP through the band’s Youtube here.

Diamond Days is certainly a song that is worthy of having the EP named after it. With dark grooves and an anthemic chorus that is certainly going to sound incredible live, it makes for an excellent opener as it builds for  EP ready for Two Heads. The energy on this track is fantastic, with drum beats that give the track energy and a chorus that is designed to be sung along to, Lonely The Brave on this EP show why they should be on tour right now on this record.

The band bring the same quality of sound to this EP as they do their debut full length which harmonises with the vocals of Jakes brilliantly as he delivers those huge notes on tracks such as Collider. The band on this EP cover The Rat by The Walkmen to wrap up this EP. Bringing their own tone to track with spaced out melodies and vocals that bring a new emotion to the song – it is a good cover of one of the best songs of the last decade (Seriously, it is).

Lonely The Brave return with a great EP that certainly showcases just what this band can do. Listen to this EP as a reminder of how great this band are.



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