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Review: Western Daughter – Driftwood Songs.

Western Daughter this week release their new album, Driftwood Songs, through Take This To Heart Records. A band who have played shows with bands such as Pinegrove and Modern Baseball and are set to play Treefort Fest soon, this band certainly have incredible potential and it shows. You can listen to Pillars Of Salt from the album here.

A band with a sound they are creating, this band fuse different sounds on this record that are in places reminiscent of bands such as Modest Mouse but also MeWithoutYou. This band bring almost a britpop vibe to tracks such as Exhibition On Main St with bouncy guitars and raw riffs that work together with real sophistication on this record and that theme continues on tracks such as Pillars Of Salt.

Driftwood Songs is certainly a honest and emotional album yes, but also one that has choruses that really do pull you in. Title track Driftwood Songs certainly does but particularly track  When You Go Out Tonight, which certainly tells a story lyrically incredibly well, but also really shows those Pinegrove influences this band have, with a way of delivering the track with a poignancy and vocals that make this song very real. And combined with the melodies done so well throughout this album it stands out on this record.

Western Daughter have made a record that continues to see progress with their sound but still connecting back to the sound that made them stand out on their earlier work, creating huge hooks and energetic melodies partnered with emotional tracks that really showcase what this band can do. Highlights for me on this record are Exhibition On Main St, You And Me, Unbound and Skinny Water which opens this record with some nice acoustic melodies and great beats that stand out with ease on Driftwood Songs.



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