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Review: Charlie & The Rays – Songs Of Love EP.

Songs Of Love is a three track EP from Folk Rock group, Charlie And The Rays, who released Songs Of Love through Noisetrade recently which is where you can download the record now. Performing stripped down melodies with incredible voices, Charlie And The Rays are a formidable trio and it shows here.

The vocals sound incredible on this record and you can tell throughout that this sound is from experience, as they harmonise beautifully together as if they have been doing this all their life. Their cover of Dig A Pony by The Beatles certainly makes this clear as they sing incredibly together and add another dimension to this song – less is more when you sing like this and this cover is a perfect example of that.

Song Of Love is worthy of being the title track, it is brilliantly written with many lines that stick out particularly, ‘books can speak many things, but truth can not be bound’, the band having a real talent with words on this song. It’s simple but absolutely effective and with those harmonies from the trio this song is a lovely listen. Walk On Home is a short autobiographical track that matches up just as well.

Charlie And The Rays release three excellent tracks here and each one is certainly worth a listen, the band sharing their talent and expertise on these songs, with some incredible vocals that are a pleasure to listen to – in particular Song Of Love that really bring those Folk and Rock sounds together well.



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