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Review: Sundressed – A Little Less Put Together.

sundressed a little less put together coverSundressed return this week with their new album, A Little Less Put Together through Animal Style Records. For fans of The Starting Line and Transit, Sundressed have had a busy year with the split with Secret Space being a great indicator of what this band can do. You can listen to the title track now through Idobi here.

This album is packed with a refreshing energy from the start with beats that keep this album packed with life, the nice drumwork that really does allow these songs to grab your attention. This is definitely the case on tracks such as Mill Ave And Broadway and partnered with the guitars which drop in through  the choruses, they add that punch to the hooks that make them hard to forget.

The writing on this album is strong with a real honesty to the lyricism  as they tell stories within songs, particularly tracks such as Autopilot with choruses that drag you in that make for a great listen. A Frankford Night and The Highlights are tracks with huge hooks, infectious throughout backed up by enormous melodies this band bring together a great sound with strong vocals that deliver these tracks perfectly, the versatility of those vocals are on show on tracks like Feelings Mart.

A band that never lets up the pace, Sundressed return with an album that is definitely put together and put together incredibly well, each song feeding off the next making for a relentless listen from start to finish. With great drum work that make these songs stand out and some big choruses that are quickly stuck in your head, this album is a great listen. Highlights for me on this record are Mill Ave And Broadway,  Limelight and Something Good which is a great way to end the album and a good description of the record too.



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