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Review: Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms.

Image result for eternity in your armsCreeper released their debut album yesterday, Eternity, In Your Arms through Roadrunner Records. The band who have made excellent EPs, Creeper certainly have made it clear from the singles they are ready to be your new favourite band, and they make it further clearer throughout this album, which is streaming now on The Independent.

This band bring their Goth Punk sound brilliantly on this album right from the start, Black Rain introduces us to the album with incredible energy and a dark mood that permeates throughout this record. The kind of record cool kids would listen to in Gotham, Creeper bring huge guitar riffs that add to the drama this band create on this album that creates that dark brooding atmosphere.

Gould is an incredible vocalist, that’s clear throughout the album and backed up in choral moments on tracks such as Poison Pens and Suzanne really adds emphasis to the quality of the lyricism on Eternity, In Your Arms. Creeper does know how to write a chorus on this album, Hiding With The Boys is a song designed to be played live with it’s anthemic tendencies. Not that this band can’t deliver those moments of emotion, tracks such as Misery make it clear this band can smash your heart into pieces, this is also the case on Crickets.

Creeper know what they want to create and this album shows they create albums that need to be heard. A debut album that shows the band’s growth in their sound but also what this band do best – huge hooks that will hang in your ears for weeks and bursts of dramatic melodies that would make the Phantom Of The Opera a little bit jealous, Creeper just are so themselves on this record and it shows on every track.  Highlights for me are Down Below, Hiding With The Boys and Crickets which is the most out of the blue country track I’ve ever heard, but I like it!



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