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New Videos Out This Week!

  1. Tigerwine – Spit – Tigerwine is currently readying their debut full-length, Die With Your Tongue Out, which is set for release on April 14th through Blood & Ink and with tracks like this, it’s going to sound great.
  2. Alien Knife Fight – Flightplan – This two piece are certainly memorable particularly when they have tracks like this. The duo released a new EP back in January and this is one of its highlights.
  3. Wage War – Stitch – Details of the band’s second album are coming, following up from Blueprints which was produced by Jeremy McKinnon. A band that that you only need to hear to know they can do great things.
  4. The Black Angels – I’d Kill For Her – With a new album set for the 21st of April, The Black Angels released a taste of that record this week, I’d Kill For Her. A taste of Psychedelia, The Black Angels are on top form.
  5. False Advertising – Not My Fault – Following a great run on SXSW, False Advertising released a new video for Not My Fault this week. Reminiscent of 90’s Alternative, False Advertising are one to watch.
  6. Palisades – Let Down – A band who returned with a solid self titled this year, Let Down is one of the highlights of the record and it shows in their new video, a huge track, this is Palisades at their best.
  7. Blood Youth – I Remember – With a new album set for release on April 7th, I Remember is a strong track and certainly gives me an idea their debut record is going to be a highlight of this year.

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