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Review: Keston Cobblers Club – Almost Home.

Keston Cobblers Club follow up from their album Wildfire this week, with new record Almost Home. On tour throughout April and playing the Cambridge Folk Festival this year, Keston Cobblers Club are certainly set to make an impression and with an album like this, it’s not going to be difficult.

A band that creates melodies that just float to your eardrums, with twinkly string melodies and subtle drum beats that remind you of sunny days and lush fields, this band create an incredible sound on this record, particularly on tracks such as Concord, where all these things work together to create an amazing track, building to a memorable finish. Of course there are a few surprises, but this band when it comes to making music make excellent folk songs.

Matched with the great melodies, the lyricism is infectious throughout this album with huge choruses that just are meant to be song along to, and delivered with some awesome vocals. this band have a great blend of male and female vocals on this album, with unique tones that just work particularly on upbeat tracks such as On Your Own and the combination of vocals on songs such as Bicycles are perfect. This band can bring emotion, Forest Hill is a great example of that, but they shine on the upbeat tunes.

So many songs stand out to me on this record – it’s impossible to dislike, it’s the perfect album for this time of the year, with a natural bounce that just feels good to listen to.  band that focuses on the sound they are making on this record and do an incredible job at delivering some incredible melodies. Songs that stood out for me on this record are Hand That Feeds You, Bicycles and Demons – but I’d recommend a full listen of this album, I really would.



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