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Review: Everyday Sidekicks – Hope.

Everyday Sidekicks Hope ArtworkEveryday Sidekicks release their new EP this week, Hope. A change of direction after former record The Things I’ve Seen, Everyday Sidekicks are certainly testing out their sound and based on this, it’s a good thing. You can listen to Fracture, a highlight of this record right now here.

The band explore a more alternative sound of this record that is reminiscent of bands such as La Dispute in places, but with a more riff heavy sound that works with the heavier, atmospheric sounds this band bring on these tracks, particularly on opening track Glass House. The EP builds in sound throughout and partnered with those vocals, it works well together.

The vocals on this EP are raw and rage through in the screaming parts as the band vocalise the frustrations of the world and the angst of heartbreak.  The blending of screaming and singing vocals on tracks such as Bury Your Friends and lead single Fracture work incredibly well together on this record, the band delivering the emotional writing with a real ferocious feel to it, that makes this record stand out.

Hope is how a band should begin exploring their sound, with strong vocals and powerful melodies that keep you interested. The band beginning to find the feet in a genre that needs something new and the band do bring some good things to this EP particularly with their riffs that keep ‘Hope’ alive. Highlights for me are Fracture and Business Secrets Of The Pharoahs, which rounds off this EP brilliantly.



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