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Review: Gnash Rambler – Self Titled.

Gnash Rambler release their new self titled album this week. A fusion of Pop and Punk Rock, this band certainly create a huge sound on this record,  that is reminiscent of bands such as The Ramones. The first single from this record, Bad Karma can be heard through Pure Grain Audio here.

Packed with energy from the moment this album begins,  rowdy riffs are unleashed as soon Dues And Don’ts starts and the intro from No One Gives A Fuck launches this record with this style brilliantly – the band making it clear they aren’t here to mess around and that pace is relentless throughout this album. This band bring different influences to the record and it makes for a few eclectic tracks, this is clear by left field tracks such as I’m Het with a Country Rock vibe.

This band match that energy on this record with huge hooks that bring you back every single time. Bad Karma is a good example of this and so are tracks such as Doin’ It All Wrong which certainly have big choruses that work on this record incredibly well which delivered by those raw, punchy vocals  make these tracks a great listen. The lyricism is strong and certainly stays relevant in today’s world on tracks such as PAX Amerikana, a political track that stands out on this record.

Gnash Rambler’s self titled is a powerpack of Punk tunes that keeps a pace that I’m sure is unrivalled, this band bringing rough riffs and big beats with real tenacity that are matched by this band’s vocals throughout. Highlights for me on this record are PAX Amerikana and Bad Karma that really does show what this band can do, bringing together the best of what this band do on this album and a great punk track.




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