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Review: Convulsions – Culture Shock EP.

Tomorrow, Convulsions release Culture Shock, their label debut on Imminence Records.  Composed of five tracks, Culture Shock was produced by KING’s drummer Cameron Merrygold, a band that is an influence of the band as well as Immoralist. You can listen to the EP’s title track now through YouTube here.

Absolutely brutal vocals dominate this EP from the moment it begins.  Pfeifer’s vocals are raw and break through like a wrecking ball on these tracks as he delivers these lyrics, and that continues throughout this record.  Tracks such as Product Of The Lost include the vocals of Davis Rider, lead singer of Immoralist who really adds dimension to this tracks, those two visceral vocalists working brilliantly together.

The band though back him up in every way, the guitars are a barrage of powerful strings and the drums work with these riffs delivering something dark, heavy and slightly scary melodies as they just are relentless in creating sounds so thunderous, Thor is jealous.  Tracks such as Scum Staunch with KING’s Jordan LeGore certainly is evidence of this, as the band’s riffs are put on display and those drums smash through.

Convulsions on this EP make clear why Imminence signed them, with devastating melodies and raw vocals that work on every track – its clear this band have so much potential as the band begin to find their sound and do it well though I feel they shine best in their collaborations. Highlights for me are Product Of The Lost and the title track Culture Shock.



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