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Review: Waterparks, SWMRS and All Time Low – 30/03/2017 – UEA LCR, Norwich.

All Time Low returned recently to the UK following the announcement of their new album ‘Last Young Renegade’ their label debut on Fueled By Ramen. The band have support coming from SWMRS and Waterparks and wrap up the tour tomorrow in London, you can find the setlist for the tour here.

Waterparks are a great opener on this tour and that was made clear, full of energy and with a great opener in Made In America, Waterparks are a band with a star in the ascendance and it shows. Awsten Knight is a formidable singer and their popularity shows, I’ve never seen an opening band so popular in years and it’s so good to see a band so good doing so well, I want them to return with a full set soon.

SWMRS are good too, maybe speeches about how bad fascists are a little lost in the UK, because we’ve not elected one, but it is important to keep an eye on it, make sure it doesn’t get out of hand and getting out of hand with the sound this band have is quite easy too. Huge rock and roll tunes that are filled with energy, they are impressive and it showed, huge riffs and strong vocals show this band have so much potential.

I think the packed LCR made it clear that it had been 6 years and 364 days way too long since the last time All Time Low played Norwich and with a set like this, this band can certainly make sure the crowd is not let down. Though Alex’s voice seemed a little strained in places (Its been a long tour, it is not surprising) the band have so much experience playing live and it shows as the band just unleash themselves. Songs such as Missing You and Canals were personal highlights as they showed throughout just how good Hopeless were for them, let’s hope FBR can match that.

All Time Low are consistent live and If you love this band you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t love this band, just jam Waterparks forever, it will be worth it.




3 thoughts on “Review: Waterparks, SWMRS and All Time Low – 30/03/2017 – UEA LCR, Norwich.

  1. Hiya, I was there last night too, and I have a bit of an odd question – I don’t suppose you know the name of the song that was on just before All Time Low came out do you? (Bassy one that said “hey” quite a bit). It’s driving me mad!

    • Hey! I have been trying to remember myself! A couple of songs they did play were English Girls by The Maine and All You Are Is History by State Champs before they came on. I think it was State Champs. Hope this helps!

      • Thanks for the reply! Nah, wasn’t either of those. It was the one that was on right before they came out. But I did also want to know what the state champs one was, so thanks! I shall have to keep looking…

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