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New Videos Out This Week!

A bunch of videos came out this week, these are a few that came out this week!

  1. HOLDN – Burn – A huge Synth Pop tune with vocals that have a dark edge to them, HOLDN certainly is some alter ego. Burn is the debut single from the artist and it certainly is impressive, with a great visual video that works with the track incredibly well.
  2. Sound Of The Sirens – Smokescreen – A taste of what their forthcoming album ‘For All Our Sins’ might sound like when released in May, Smokescreen is a great Acoustic Pop track that works with the differing vocals Martin and Wood have, this is a great track.
  3. Freeze The Atlantic – Altogether Not Together – This band make huge Rock tracks and this song is no different and with a fantastic animated video too, this band certainly create a video that holds your attention to the end. Their new album is set for release on April 14th.
  4. Vajra – Mirror – Mirror is the first single from the band’s EP, Irkalla. Creating fine Gypsy Rock on this track, with  powerful vocals, Vajra certainly create a catchy tune too and it’s well worth a listen. The band are on tour throughout the US in March and April.
  5. Colour Me Wednesday – Don’t Tell Anyone – A band with so much potential and a new EP set for release in the Summer, Colour Me Wednesday certainly are a band you should hear and now you can through their new video, I know, you’re welcome.
  6.  Sheepy – Home – Set to release their album next Friday, Sheepy this week released a video for track Home, which is a great sneak peek as to what is to come and if this is it, this record is going to be a great listen. The band are on a short tour in April where you can check their new album out.



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