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Review: Diet Cig – Swear I’m Good At This.

Diet Cig release their new album this week, Swear I’m Good At This through Frenchkiss Records. The duo who have released some great singles from this album already including Barf Day, tour the US for the first time this month, and going by this album you should definitely go and see them.

Sixteen is such a brilliant and brutally honest opener to this album, the vocals of Luciano as she delivers that intro cut like a knife and as the rhythm section drops in, the song sets the sound and pace for the rest of the record. This band use drums to an amazing effect creating incredible beats throughout, tracks such as Maid Of The Mist are certainly excellent examples of this, making for a fun, energetic listen.

Ths band know how to create choruses ready to be stuck in your head for weeks. Barf Day is one of the catchiest tunes on this record and the infectious nature of Bath Bomb as the song builds is just so good. This band have truly made this album so harmonious, as the melodies just fit so perfectly on this record, Luciano delivering lyricism that just bites with its honesty but also her youth and it makes for such a great listen,  songs like Road Trip really make this clear.

An album that is just so incredibly difficult to fault, so I won’t, Diet Cig bring together a collection of songs that work together brilliantly, telling a very honest story of life and growing up. With infectious choruses and melodies that just work together with ease, Diet Cig’s album is just a delight to listen to with so many highlights that pack this album, Sixteen opens this album brilliantly and Tummy Ache ends it equally as well. Other stand out songs are Barf Day and Bite Back. Just go listen to the whole record you will not regret it (And you can over at NPR here).




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