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Review: Sheepy – Alarm Bells.

Sheepy release their new album this week, Alarm Bells. A record packed with Pop Punk goodness, Alarm Bells is set to be an excellent record if singles such as 15 Songs are anything to go by, which you can give a listen to now here or live, as the band tour throughout April, playing the Alleycat, London on the 7th.

This band really do keep the energy going throughout this record. Bouncy riffs give this album some great beats that open up the beginning of this record are brilliantly done. Tracks such as I’m Coming Home are certainly proof of this as this band have a nice groove that compliments the huge hook the band have on this track. The band keep it simple in places with melodies but they work with ease throughout the record,  the guitars giving these tracks life.

Lyrically strong with surreal moments combined with their signature infectious hooks, Sheepy have a unique way to writing. Songs such as Red Tank and Bed No More certainly do make that individual style they have on this record very clear, with incredible choruses and and quirky intros that you very rarely hear anywhere else – Red Tank in particular certainly is a track that sticks in the mind when it comes to this.

Alarm Bells is an album that makes clear this band think outside of the box and it makes for some great listening. Excellent choruses and guitar riffs that lift this record and give it the bounce it needs, the drums subtle but lending a foundation to these songs that make it work. Highlights for me on this record are Red Tank, I’m Coming Home and Batteries which live I think would be great, Batteries is a huge punk track that leaps out on this record.



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