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Review: LEAV/E/ARTH – A Perfect Disarray.

A Perfect Disarray is the new album from Leav/e/arth which is released through InVogue Records this week. A recent addition to the label, Leav/e/arth have already released a taste of what is to come from the album with their single The Other Side which you can listen to now through YouTube here.

Stenger’s vocals power through these tracks, especially those choruses as she uses that raw but fragile vocal to it’s greatest abilities throughout this album. Opening track Memory really displays that rawness but that softer tone is put to work on The Other Side – it really is a versatile vocal and is used incredibly well on this record throughout.

To match those vocals this band do have some dramatic sounds on the album that harmonise with the power of the vocals incredibly well. Tracks such as The End certainly match up as the songs build into the choruses, with a dark mood that builds on the track, the drums powering up with Stenger’s voice that works throughout their debut. This works particularly with the emotional writing that permeates throughout A Perfect Disarray, Wildfire stands out for those reasons, with a raw and emotional way with words and a big chorus.

Leav/e/arth do have a great debut on InVogue Records with this album. Stenger’s vocals are excellent with some great melodies that work with her voice really well, however I do think in places it could use more energy, as when this band take up the pace on this record, it does sound excellent particularly on tracks such as Memory. Highlights for me on this record are The Other Side, Chicago where the emotion of this album really shines through and the sound of Someone Else’s Hands is great, making clear what this band do best, big riffs and razor sharp vocals.



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