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Review: Emma Ballantine – Through Your Eyes EP.

Emma Ballantine recently released her new EP, Through Your Eyes. An EP inspired by the stories of people who got in touch with her, including tales of long trips to Kenya and the world through the eyes of an Autistic teenager, Ballantine brings the stories to life through music. You can listen now to the title track  here.

Packed with incredible melodies throughout with great beats from the moment it begins, Through Your Eyes is kicked off by Secret Tunnel which certainly starts off this record off contrasting with the poignancy of the song. A track about going through a traumatic court case, the song is delivered with a flair of optimism that combined with this theme is so desperately needed.

Ballantine has a really lovely tone to her vocals and they are displayed brilliantly throughout this record. Harmonising with the melodies with ease throughout, Ballantine uses her voice so well on these tracks and it makes for a great listen, this is particularly clear on Through Her Eyes and Harmonise, where the vocals meld with the melodies so naturally, making for some standout tracks.

An EP delivered with lyrics of real emotion and a stunning vocal, Emma Ballantine showcases just how talented she is on this EP, with some great Alt Pop tunes that make for a pleasure to listen to delivered with a less is more approach,  these tracks are worth hearing.  I’d recommend checking out the stories behind the songs Ballantine writes, which you can find here.




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