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Review: The Flatliners – Inviting Light.

The Flatliners today release their new album Inviting Light through Rise Records. Set to play shows with bands such as Weezer and tour with The Menzingers across the UK this band certainly are going to be busy and with a record like this, they should be. You can listen to first single, Human Party Trick now here.

This band are not messing around on this record. Straight from the start this band are bringing a great pace packed with riffs and powerful drum beats that keep that energy. Tracks such as Hang My Head certainly make that clear with that raw but bouncy riff that runs through the track, something The Flatliners make a theme on this album continuing on tracks such as Indoors,  Human Party Trick is a clue.

Lyrically strong and packed with what seems like frustration this band certainly do make some great songs with big hooks that are certainly are going to make you sing along to them. Tracks such as Burn Out Again and Sympathy Vote both stand out, Burn Out Again is anthemic and live needs to be played and delivered by Cresswell’s vocals, these songs sound like an emotional release for this band as they bring an intensity to these tracks.

The Flatliners certainly on this album have some really stand out tracks littered throughout the album that make this record a great listen. Infectious in places and energetic in others, The Flatliners certainly show their experience on this record and live this album is going to work incredibly well. Highlights for me are Hang My Head, Human Party Trick and Chameleon Skin – a simple but incredibly effective track at the end of the record.



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