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Review: The Maine – Lovely Little Lonely.

Image result for lovely little lonely the maineThe Maine released their new album yesterday, Lovely Little Lonely through 8123. The follow up to the excellent American Candy, Lovely Little Lonely has had some excellent singles including Bad Behaviour and Black Butterflies & Deja Vu and they are a sign of the great things to come. You can listen to the whole of the album on Spotify here.

The band made the songs on this album by coming up with melodies and then adding in the lyrics to work with the songs, a new approach for the band but boy, it works. It just fits together so well, this is show on Black Butterflies & Deja Vu most clearly but this runs throughout the album with infectious choruses but with that touch of reality that this band do so well.

Always pushing themselves to progress in their sound this is clear on this record once again, as usual the guitarists just pack this album with energy on tracks such as Taxi and Do You Remember? (The Other Half Of 23) particularly at the choruses where those pop hooks are on display but with a genuineness that few bands do, and do as well as this band do it. The melodies work with the personal vibe to the album – the way in which this album has been made makes it work, particularly on tracks such as The Sound Of Reverie.

Though I’m not a huge fan of the interludes on this record that punctuate the album I feel a little needlessly, this album feels like a genuine and brilliant reflection of this band. The 90’s British influences of I Only Wanna Talk To You are really loud and traces of bands such as Third Eye Blind (A band they performed with at the APMAs) certainly are seen in places, but this band bring it together so well and it makes for an album that is just difficult to dislike. Highlights for me are Black Butterflies & Deja Vu, Taxi and The Sound Of Reverie.



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