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Review: Tigerwine – Die With Your Tongue Out.

Die With Your Tongue Out is the latest record from Tigerwine who release their album this week through Blood & Ink Records. Following up from their EP Lull, Tigerwine show they are maturing on this record and do it well fitting in well with the sounds of their soon to be tourmates, Daisyhead and Northbound.

Frantic guitars blast through the record as soon as it begins creating some great riffs that gives this album a rough around the edges vibe that works here as it amplifies the sound just a little making these tracks pound with energy, particularly on tracks such as Spit. The guitars contrast with the heavy drum work and bass guitar that makes for a strong sound throughout the record.

The vocals are raw on these tracks, the lyrics delivered with force on Die With Your Tongue Out with real feeling. Songs such as Sign feel personal and the vocals work on each track combining with for the most part the sound the band are creating. This band don’t really have hooks but they do seem to have some real venom as they deliver these songs, the lyrics partnered with the brutal sound sound great. Songs such as 110 work when these partner together at this band’s best.

This band certainly show what they can do on this album, yes, they slow down the pace on tracks such as Sharp Elbows Part 2 and Soot, but not for long and it works on this album. The band bring energetic riffs and frenetic melodies that contrast perfectly  and it makes for a strong debut album with slowed down melodies in places that give this album a great balance. Highlights for me on this record are Soot, Spit and Nosebleed but it is a great album from a band who make it clear they should be heard.



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