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Review: K.Flay – Every Where Is Some Where.

Image result for everywhere is somewhere k flayK.Flay released her new album Friday, Every Where Is Some Where through Insomniatic. Live excellent and you would have definitely heard Blood In The Cut somewhere from her EP Crush Me, this album has a lot of potential to have some huge tracks too. The album is now streaming in its entirety on Spotify here.

The whole EP is dispersed throughout this album and they are strong tracks alone, Blood In The Cut is a savage track and a track made to let out some internal demons and that is a theme on this record, tracks such as Giver and The President Has A Sex Tape certainly is a scream to the world at the frustrations of it and K.Flay does it incredibly well on this record with huge electronic beats.

Musically pushing her sound further, with darker moment and lighter sounds in places, this album does have its contrasts. Tracks such as Dreamers, which opens the record certainly is an airy tune with a huge chorus compared to this albums more darker moments, tracks such as Champagne are personal and raw and not at all like the album’s opener. It’s an album that swings between moods melodically, but this contrast works for the most part even in tracks themselves  see tracks such as High Enough with its upbeat melodies and dark lyricism.

K.Flay certainly has a huge sound on this record, filled with melodies that just power throughout this album with brilliance with a unique style that only she can create, it is a strong showing of what K.Flay can do and it makes for a great listen bringing personal and political dimensions together that works however I do feel the strongest tracks of this album bar a few are on Crush Me. Highlights for me (not on the EP) are Dreamers, The President Has A Sextape and Black Wave.



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