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Review: Lane Change – Rise EP.

Promo Photo SmallLane Change recently released their new EP, Rise. Led by a dual vocal powerhouse in Myles Vann and Lizzie Shafer, Lane Change certainly have a great sound with energetic riffs and infectious hooks that are well worth a listen. You can listen to the whole EP now through Spotify here.

Full of huge hooks, this band deliver on this record lyrically, getting out the angst of their everyday, opening with track, The Rich Get Richer which delivers a heap of feistiness with some great grooves. This band certainly create some rock melodies that are well worth listening to – and this continues on tracks such as Club 27.

The combination of vocals from Shafer and Vann do sound good on this record, particularly on tracks such as Floodwater where they deliver that chorus with real power, Shafer backing up Vann in the softer moments to deliver a huge track. The Rich Get Richer is also a good example of where this band’s two vocalists really work, entwining vocals brilliantly, Shafer’s vocals deliver combined with the raw vocals of Vann on this record throughout.

A rock band with a lot of potential as they create some huge hooks and power packed melodies, Lane Change certainly know what they want to create, tunes that are made to get you singing along and on your feet, as they bring in different influences from Gospel elements to vintage Rock tunes that are made to played loudly driving on a highway in the USA in a convertible. This band certainly know how to make a tune, go listen.


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