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Review: The Big Moon – Love In The 4th Dimension.

Image result for the big moon love in the 4th dimensionThe Big  Moon last week released their new album, Love In The 4th Dimension. Made up of fifteen tracks of Indie Pop goodness, The Big Moon have released some great singles such as Sucker and Silent Movie Susie and now the full record with four bonus tracks is now available entirely on Spotify here.

Filled with tracks that are more infectious than a common cold, Love In The 4th Dimension certainly from the start have a way with hooks. tracks such as Pull The Other One and Cupid make this clear as this band has choruses for days, the band packing the album with them throughout. They are simple things but they are incredibly effective but with a kick that gives these songs a raw edge that makes this all work.

Harmonising with these choruses are some huge melodies that give these tracks that 90s vibe with this band’s fresh twist, tracks such as Bonfire are certainly proof of this. A band with a way with grooves, Bonfire just works together and with the delivery of Jackson’s vocals that deliver the lyrics with such deadly precision, this band sound amazing. Pop guitars and ominous drums drive this record but work throughout, The Road for example is brought to life by it’s repetitive riff, building an atmospheric moment mid-album.

A solid album that brings their sound and their influences together brilliantly, I wish the 90s sounded like this way more, as the band revive a sound with their own take in the best way possible with bouncy guitars and a vocal that just delivers every single time on this album. I look forward to hearing more already from this band as they build on the sound they have here.  Highlights for me on this album are Cupid, Silent Movie Susie and Bonfire.



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