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Review: Sara Petite – The Road Less Travelled.

The Road Less Travelled is the latest album from country singer, Sara Petite. In the past sharing stages with musicians such as Todd Snider and Lonestar, Petite certainly has been building a reputation as a musician and listening to her album it’s clear how.  You can see the video for track Road Less Travelled now.

The style reminiscent of Petty’s story telling style but delivered with what feels to be Parton’s sound, these songs are certainly a blend of the influences of Petite who then adds her own style to this album perfectly. With guitars that deliver emotion on these tracks with ease particularly on songs such as It Was Just A Kiss and I Will Rise, it is not surprising that Petite a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Contest.

Sticking to country roots with the melodies throughout this album, this album is packed with delightful melodies delivered by acoustic guitars and simple drum beats that give this record a fun sound in places. Tracks such as Sweet Pea Patch and Patchwork Quilt certain are upbeat tunes that are perfectly heartwarming on this album, Petite having a way with country sounds that work beautifully throughout this record but with her own style shining through.

An album that is both personal but also just so easy to listen to, it would have to be a dark day for you not to enjoy this record, Sara Petite delivering beautiful melodies and some incredible writing that I’m not surprised she has been rewarded for. Highlights for more on this record are Patchwork Quilt, Sweet Pea Patch and opening track Road Less Travelled, which is the perfect choice for an album title.





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