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New Videos Out This Week!

Featuring bands such as Eat Your Heart Out,  Sweet Little Machine and Soloists Lizzy Farrell, it’s another new video selection!

  1. Drag Me Down – Eat Your Heart Out – The band this week released a surprise three track EP through Fearless Records, releasing a video for track Patience, which is awesome, but this little tune stood out to me, with a fearless attitude and great riffs that capture your attention.
  2. Broken Toy – Lizzy Farrell – She’s a surprise to me on Pure Noise Records, but what a surprise. An absolutely stunning voice with emotional lyricism, Farrell is a musician I want to hear more from in the future, but this track will do for now.
  3. Red Lipstick Murders – Seven Day Sleep – A Hard Rock/Metal band that hail from Turkey, Switzerland and the USA, Seven Day Sleep are not what I anticipated but in a good way. Huge choruses and the vocals of Sofia Ruszczy are incredible on this track, the band’s EP is released on June 2nd.
  4. One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula – Dengue Fever – With the news of reissues of the band’s records coming out this week the band released a new video for this track this week and what a theatrical track it is, with great melodies and unique vocals that make you pay attention, Dengue Fever make a great return.
  5. Angst – Pryti – A new track from Pryti is always welcome and this track is no exception. With phenomenal drum beats and her impressive voice, Pryti stands out to me. The track is from Tales From A Melancholic, an album that is well worth a listen. Angst has been remastered and is released next Friday.
  6. Hurricanes – Sweet Little Machine – Fireball’s Hottest Band of 2017 and set to be touring with Patent Pending this month, Sweet Little Machine are certainly a band to watch, and this is certainly proof enough of that. Huge choruses and bouncy riffs, this is a great track.
  7. Wild Words – Bullet Height – Creating great Electronica tunes certainly seems to come naturally to this duo who released this week their lyric video for Wild Words which is the latest track they share from their debut album which comes out in May, No Atonement.
  8. Soulmate – The Devil In Faust – Set to release their new record next week, The Devil In Faust released their video for track Soulmate. The trio master dark melodies and great vocals on the track, I’m definitely looking forward to EP Come Apart.



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