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Review: Northbound – The Flaws In Everything.

Northbound this week release their highly anticipated EP, The Flaws In Everything through Animal Style Records. Begun as an acoustic project in 2012 and building into the band it is today, Northbound are now on the precipice of big things. You can listen to Fade To Black now through YouTube here.

The sound of this EP is practically flawless. The riffs are perfectly timed and power these tracks brilliantly, tracks such as Well Water are just proof of that on this record as those raw guitar melodies just make this track stand out however Lonely Squid shows the contrast. An acoustic song that sits mid record takes down the pace with simplicity but real brilliance with some great lyricism to boot.

Lyrically strong through the whole of the record, Northbound do create some great choruses on this record on tracks such as Well Water and Fade To Black but where the greatness of the lyricism lies is in the honesty of the words. The storytelling throughout this EP is so good, Suitor Type certainly is a fine example of this as the song unfolds and Tell Me Something good wraps up this record perfectly.

The Flaws In Everything is a great listen from the start. A record that shows what this band can do with bouncy riffs and huge hooks, this EP live is going to sound incredible. The band right now are touring the US, and if this is anything to go by they are unmissable with songs like these. Highlights for me are Well Water and Lonely Squid.




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