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Review: The Black Angels – Death Song.

Image result for the black angel's death songThe Black Angels release their new album this week, Death Song through Partisan Records. The band who specialise in Psychedelic Rock certainly make it clear on their new record, as they make clear why they are consider godfathers of the genre. You can listen now to one of the highlights of this record Half Believing through YouTube here.

Dark, gritty melodies power through this album from the beginning. Heavy synth and rattling riffs create a fantastic backbone for the melodies on this album throughout, creating a fantastic contrast. This is  particularly shown on tracks such as I’d Kill For Her where those vocals add to the atmosphere of the track and the album. An album that works together brilliantly, these tracks are seamless enhancing the listen.

Lyrically simple in places, yes, but the vocals deliver every word harmoniously throughout this album and with real feeling particularly on Half Believing. The real focus is on the sound they are creating it seems and they do it well, creating huge sounds with vocal layers that sound spaced out and ethereal to the end of this album, this is so clear on tracks such as Grab As Much (As You Can) where the harmonies on the track just work brilliantly.  Songs such as I Dreamt lift the album a little with a more energetic melody that makes for an excellent break in the mood.

The dual male and female vocals stand out on this record and combined with the moody but psychedelic melodies this band certainly create a record that few could pushing a genre that they helped form. Death Song is an incredibly intense listen from beginning to end. Highlights for me on this record are I Dreamt, Comanche Moon and Estimate.



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