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Review: Rebecca Raw – Deep Within EP.

A blend of Soul, Pop and Folk, Deep Within is the debut EP from British singer and songwriter Rebecca Raw. A combination of great melodies and even better lyricism Deep Within certainly is a great debut from the singer which is launched on the 20th April at The Vault, which you can find out more about here.

The vocals of Raw are incredible throughout this record, with a really beautiful tone that delivers these lyrics with such emotion throughout. Songs such as Connection that are so vulnerable are delivered by this languid vocal that works with the melodies so easily on every track. The lyricism is strong too with a real way of telling a story and building a picture with words, just listen to Whisper Thin.

Melodically, this EP works well. Raw plays Cello and uses it to great effect on this EP creating some stunning sounds in combination with synth melodies and subtle drumwork building up these songs making for some great music. Freefall melodically stands out to me as the song builds with fantastic drum beats and synth which working with the vocals stands out on this record.

Deep Within is a great collection of tracks from a musician who brings together some incredible melodies and poetic lyricism throughout this EP. The instrumentalisation is used brilliantly and makes for a lovely listen. Highlights for me are Connection which displays that vocal and Freefall where the work of the band is just on show – a well crafted debut that should be heard.




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