Review: Wake Island – Sentimental Animals EP.

Wake Island recently released their three track EP, Sentimental Animals. A fusion of Electronic Dance Music and Indie Rock, Wake Island create their own sound on this record that is uplifting and optimistic. The band have also played Anagrama festival in Mexico and this certainly live be a highlight.

A band that knows how to create a beat, these tracks certainly have some great rhythms that this band create in a unique way with interesting sounds and smart grooves that make these tracks stand out. The Dancer in particular encompasses the band’s sound the most with a space age vibe to it that will make you move even if you don’t want to.

The thudding beat that opens tracks such as Pleasure work too, the band using minimals vocals on the song that enables the quality of the tracks unusual combination of sounds stand out. But when they do sing they keep it simple but with feeling, the lyrics to The Dancer particularly stand out and it makes for the highlight of this short record.

A short EP with some huge beats, Sentimental Animals has some great melodies with a sound that Wake Island certainly own. The Dancer for me really shines on this EP bringing together the best of what this band does, if you’re into EDM with a political twist this track is for you, and if you like a good beat, listen to this EP.



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