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Review: Stay Inside – As You Were EP.

Stay Inside tomorrow release their new EP, As You Were. The Post Hardcore band from Brooklyn released their first single Radio Silence from their debut recently making it clear just what they can do and you can listen to that track now through Soundcloud here.

The band’s concentration on melodies is clear from the moment this EP begins. The riffs on this record which form the base of this EP sound great and they build as the songs get started building into the choruses with energy that are consistent on As You Were particularly on track Daily News which really builds into some great melodies.

Infectious hooks on tracks such as Blockbussa also work on this record making for some excellent singalong moments on this EP and this with the bounce working with the vocals on these tracks which work well  with the raw voice amazingly. Stay Inside really do have a great combination on this record, making some great harmonies from start to finish.

Stay Inside have three strong tracks that show just how much potential they have, with melodies that create a heaviness to the songs and a powerful vocal that deliver some great hooks throughout this EP. Highlight for me is Blockbussa which just brings together the strengths of this band melodically. An interesting record from a band with a lot of potential.



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