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Review: The Winter Passing – Double Exposure EP.

Image result for the winter passing double exposureThe Winter Passing released their EP today, Double Exposure through 6131 Records. Stemmed from the Irish DIY scene, The Winter Passing are a band gaining momentum and listening to this, it’s not surprising to see why.  You can listen to the EP in full now through Spotify here.

Sticking to their roots with rough around the edge melodies throughout this EP, the band deliver some great riffs on this record that gives these tracks real bounce, particularly on tracks such as So Said Virginia. Not that the other musicians don’t match up, the subtle drumwork is essential on Significance, making for an incredible sound.

The dual female/male vocals this band have are strong, Kate Flynn’s vocals are almost sweet and contrast that rough sound the band have and working with the raw male vocals it sounds perfect particularly when delivering some really lovely lyricism on these tracks. Like Flowers Ache For Spring certainly stands out on this record for those reasons which are made all the poignant by the Flynn’s vocals.

An EP that continues to show how great this band are, The Winter Passing fail to disappoint on Double Exposure as they continue to create stunning melodies, with big rock tunes in places and slowed down melodies that accentuate the vocals that are brilliant throughout this record. Highlights for me on this record Like Flowers Ache For Spring, Escapism and So Said Virginia.



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