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Review: Your Chance To Die – Ex-Nihilo.

ex nihloYour Chance To Die release their new album today, Ex-Nihilo through the EMP Label Group. Recorded by Jamie King whose worked with Between the Buried and Me and mixed by Zack Ohren who has worked with Machine Head this record certainly has a lot of talent. You can listen to the whole  of this record now through Spotify here.

A dramatic symphonic sound to the record from the start, this band create a record that makes clear what this band can do melodically. Guitars rampage through this record with brutality and the drumwork creates a strong foundation through the tracks that lift the heaviness of the melodies to another level – this is particularly clear on tracks such as Feeders.

The vocals throughout this album roar, the lyrics delivered with a powerful voice that is consistent throughout this record, the dual female vocals sounds so good on this album and add something different to the genre, this band using their unique style to make something different. This is particularly clear on tracks such as Ignite The Sky where they use their range of vocals to really grab your attention. Huge choruses on tracks such as Skinwalker certainly add to this album too, this is an album meant to be screamed to.

A band who are still creating something new with their sound, Ex-Nihilo shows where this band are progressing still and it makes for an incredible listen. The drumwork of White is furious and sounds incredible and combined with the riffs that contrast with the heavy beats it makes for a powerful listen when combined with the strength of the  vocals. Highlights for me on this record are Ignite The Sky, Shadow And Flame and Feeders.



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