New Videos Out This Week!

A great collection of releases this week from Paramore to Peaness, enjoy!

  1. Pamela Hute – Banshees – A highlight of her EP, Today, Banshees is a huge track from Hute who creates some great Indie Pop tracks. Hute draws influences from artists like Sleeper, Elastica and Breeders and incorporates a taste of each in her music and it shows on tracks like this.
  2. Raven Black – Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars –  LA based Alternative Metal Band Raven Black have released the Official Music Video for their single “Twinkle Twinkle Little Scars” off of their debut EP Seven Sins which is out now. A huge rock tune that builds about broken innocence, check it out.
  3. Hajk – Nothing Left To Say – A band that you need to keep an eye on, this band create some great pop tracks with unique melodies combined with elegant grooves which combined with the dual male and female vocals sounds incredible to listen to, Hajk release their album next week.
  4. American Standards – Carpe Diem Tomorrow – A roar of a vocal from the moment the track begins, American Standards deliver a huge metal track with Carpe Diem Tomorrow.  The track is taken from their upcoming album Anti-Melody.
  5. All Ears Avow – Hurricane – Taken from their new EP which is released next Friday, Hurricane is a great taste of what this band can do, and you can see where those comparisons to bands such as Don Broco come from. Hurricane is certainly a big Pop Punk track.
  6.  No Vacation – Mind Fields – The band release their new album in June through Topshelf Records and based on this track its an album that needs to be heard. A brilliant piece of Indie Dream Pop, No Vacation create something no one else does quite as well or even does at all.
  7. Colt 45 – Hard Times – There may be two songs called Hard Times in this article, but they couldn’t be any more different! Raw vocals and great riffs this band pack a punch on their new track. The band are soon back on the road and Hard Times is the first single from a series which is released on Monday.
  8. Hollow – Anomaly – Announcing their debut album this week too,  Home Isn’t Where The Heart Is, Hollow released a taste of the record in Anomaly. A metal track with brutal vocals and guitar riffs that captivate your attention, this is a record I’m keen to hear.
  9.  Paramore – Hard Times – The band finally returned with an unusual 70’s/80’s music thing this week. I love this chorus, it’s brutally real and catchy as hell. I don’t know what to expect from the album but its probably going to sound nothing like what you thought it would post their Self Titled era.
  10. Peaness – Same Place – I love this song, the vocals are brilliant, I love the melody, it’s just a cool Pop tune and you should go and listen to it and do it live too as the band have announced a Headline show in London, playing Thousand Island on the 7th May, post their new EP release.

That’s all folks! What are your highlights this week?


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