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Review: Columbus – Next To Me EP.

Columbus This Friday release a five track acoustic EP, Next To Me through UNFD. Recently seen in the UK on tour with ROAM and Like Pacific, this band live sound great and that doesn’t change on this new record.  You can listen to title track Next To Me right now here.

Opening the record with the sweet sound of Next To Me this EP opens with a romantic acoustic tune with an infectious chorus something this band do with ease. This is made clearer on their acoustic version of Say What You Want which is the opposite of Next To Me, a lyrical story of a messy breakup, Say What You Want is brutal and you can hear that with clarity here.

I like how the melodies work on this EP, the band really crafting these tracks at a perfect pace throughout this record. Less is more and the band do this well but also allow their own musical style shine on Next To Me just as well as for example State Champs do on their Acoustic Things record,  every track just has a natural bounce to it here, particularly on The Downsides Of Being Honest where that energy isn’t lost.

Columbus certainly do their work justice throughout this EP and allows you to like these tracks all over again, bringing their signature style but slowing down the pace in fine style. This band have a great vocalist and that shines on this EP, particularly on Daffodils and Next To Me – my highlights of the record. If you like Acoustic Pop Punk, You’ll love this.



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