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Review: Daisyhead – In Case You Missed It.

Daisyhead return this week with their new album, In Case You Missed It through No Sleep Records. Daisyhead have released two tracks on their bandcamp from the album, Common Ground and Don’t Feel Bad which you can find here and you can hear them on tour now as they tour the US with Northbound and Tigerwine.

The band have gone through a lot since their last record and that emotional turmoil is clear on this record, the melodies work with the powerful vocals and lyrics that shine on this album. Bodies for example is certainly a honest and confessional track where that emotion powers the song, finishing with the line, ‘I’m going to turn this around’ and you believe that he definitely can.

That emotion is certainly built on the strength of the melodies though. The guitars ease through this record  creating the mood particularly on tracks such as Ready For The World as they keep the track simple but effective, perfectly produced to bring that raw honesty on the track to the fore. The drums run in the background and have some great timing, building up the sound of the choruses particularly on tracks such as Never Know, where those drums power the choruses.

A powerful record from the start, In Case You Missed It is an introspective album that makes for a great and honest listen, tracks such as Dark Circus are perfect examples of this as they share that lyrical integrity with this band’s strong melodies that tie this album together. Highlights for me on this album are Ready For The World, TV Song and opening track Hold The Door which really makes it clear what this band can do melodically, the lack of vocals works.




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